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The Peace City Vision - happy, healthy, prosperous lives!

The Peace City vision as expressed by the city's founder in the "3D BOOK ONE" (excerpts can be found at ) has evolved over the past 10 years. The vision goes far beyond talk and philosophy to also include practical global tools such as the Green Global Office to produce tangible results and progress toward the vision.

The Peace City Vision expresses optimism that mankind will successfully manage the obstacles that people are facing today. 

The Peace City Vision 
describes a new "green global continent" where...
  • there is an abundance of food

  • there is an abundance of energy

  • there is a job for every woman & man 
    willing to work

  • there is fun immersive education for everyone

  • the air is clean

  • the water is clear

  • the soil is balanced & healthy

  • living healthy or getting well is affordable

  • people have more time for friends & family

  • age and wisdom are respected as an asset

  • the workplace is inspiring, motivating & "green"

  • there are no agelines, no colorlines, no moneylines

  • an increasing number of processes including economic, ecological, social and intercultural processes are sustainable


The Peace City experiment bases the optimism that the above vision can be realized on basic human nature as well as recent changes in technology. For the first time in history knowledge, information and technology can be accumulated and redistributed in real time to create exponential growth of efficiency. Exponential global population growth will create increasing evolutionary pressure which will ensure voluntary or involuntary solutions.

The Peace City experiment shows that the greatest growth areas in this century will be:

Conservation - Education - Innovation


The Peace City vision draws a positive image of mankind:

The Peace City vision is based on the fundamental belief that people are capable of outstanding accomplishments against all odds using 3 basic steps. The 3Ds of Peace City:

Dream It - Do It - Deliver It


Visualize - Energize - Materialize



Many of the thousands of case studies have shown that the most important ingredient to progress is learning through immersion in a subject. Virtual reality will play an important part to offer fun immersive education. This confirms Edison that success comes from a little inspiration combined with a lot of perspiration. This fact turns the most unlikely visions into tangible goals.


The Peace City philosophy also contains the belief that people are in principal "good" as long as their environment provides a fair opportunity to survive and to learn. 


The exponential growth and acceleration of innovation has outpaced biological evolution and because of internet connectivity progress can be spread globally in real time. The green global continent, a 3 dimensional internet will become a conservation destination helping to save energy and to improve lifestyles.


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